April 12, 2009

Easter Crafts

As part of decoration for my house as well as gifts for family and friends, I made these adorable Easter decorations. Well, I shouldn't say I made them because I didn't make the wood shapes... those are from a company called Total Class Creative. This is the same company that made the egg "ornaments" in a previous post. My part involved embellishing them with a little ribbon and some other fun objects like egg or flower shaped photos and a little grass (from my Silhouette). The best thing about these decorations is that you can separate the 2 pieces and they can be stored flat until the next spring or whenever else one might want to bring them out. I actually bought my wood shapes from a local store (Scrappin' Attack) but they also sell them on the company website (it was cheaper at Scrappin' Attack). I heard that they have some great Halloween and Winter shapes that I am totally looking forward to decorating in the future!

This is the large egg which I decorated with a picture of each child that was planning to come to our Easter Egg Hunt (13 kids). Most of the kids came last year, so I used their photo from the previous egg hunt, we had 3 new additions (yes, 3 new babies since last Easter) that I just added a current photo that I had of them. The boy photos were scalloped egg shapes and the girl photos were circles layered on top of a flower. This is my focal decoration and I think each year I will switch the photos out to more current photos (or the previous years Easter Hunt photos) for each of the kids who attend the Egg hunt.

This shows you the three varieties of shapes that are offered during the Spring/Easter. The shapes above are the large size except for the chick. All the shapes come in two sizes. My large chick was similar to the one shown except that it had pictures that had both the boys in each one. The chick above was made for a dear friend visiting us from the East coast. It contained pictures of our nephews and niece, whom she had helped raise. It was hopefully something that she could look at and have fond memories run through her mind as she missed them dearly.

These are the smaller eggs that I made for our two Grandmas. Each had their own personal egg with photos of their grandchildren (not just our kids). It was also embellished with some small flowers.

This is the top view of the shapes so you can see how they stand on their own. There is a top and a bottom piece and you just slide them together at their notches (in the middle) and they become free standing. Undo the pieces and they go back to being two flat pieces.

Here's a sample of the two sizes. I used the large bunny for our boys, they each had their own with only their photo on the bunny. The small bunny was a gift for a close friend that had pictures of their children as well as one with all our kids together. I tried to make it look like the bunny was sitting in grass and there were eggs in the grass being protected by the bunny. Some of the eggs were pictures, some were paper eggs. I used wiggle eyes and white pom-poms for the tail and a simple Easter ribbon (all from Michaels). I thought they turned out really cute!
Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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